The Janitor

Bean Caught is a short animated film created at the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology by two 2nd-year Graduate Students: Raymond McCarthy Bergeron and Meghdad Asadi Lari. This project was part of a requirement to produce a complete animation within a 20-week period. In order to meet the challenge appropriately, the small team decided on telling a simple, comedic story of a janitor who accidently loses his keys while cleaning and how he attempts to get them back. The finished piece could not have been completed without the help and collaboration of four other individuals: Ben Shaw, Brett Wilson, Vijay Kumar Madurai Chandrasekhar, and Colleen Horan.

The team wanted to challenge themselves with a comedy that builds up and resolves in an unusual way. The goal was not to only complete a short 3D animated piece, but to push the boundaries of their experience to enhance their technical skills in modeling, rigging and texturing, as well as story telling through character animation. As with any production, the process provided unforeseen and unique challenges within the time constraints, but was easily problem solved as a team.

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Raymond McCarthy Bergeron Meghdad Asadi Lari
Ben Shaw
Brett Wilson Vijay Kumar Madurai Chandrasekhar Colleen Horan
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