Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson is a 2011 RIT Graduate with a BFA in Film & Animation and a minor in Music. For most of his life, Brett’s fascination with cartoons, comics, movies, and different explorations of art has inspired his quirky, light-hearted style evident in much of his work. Brett has received several forms of recognition for his student-produced animated film at RIT, including the "Royal Reel Award" from the Canadian International Film Festival, numerous honorable mentions and an “Award of Merit in Animation” from The Indie Fest for his heartfelt thesis film “Uprooted”. His thesis film is currently touring many festivals around the world with hopes to increase his artistic exposure.

Brett currently lives in Southern Connecticut and freelances for several clients as an Animator, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer - depending on his clients’ needs. In his free time, Brett enjoys hiking, biking, drawing, amateur photography, playing different musical instruments, and in general being outdoors embracing nature’s beauty with great friends.

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